Structured Cabling:
We have many years of experience in designing, implementing and installing small and LARGE voice and data cable
networks. We believe that it's not only what you install, it is how it is installed.

Network Certification:
Each and every data cable installed by DCI is TESTED to ensure you the customer the quality of install. For those of you
that have an existing network and don't know whether or not it is hanging on by a thread, DCI will test, inspect and trouble
shoot your existing network and repair it to industry standards.

Fiber Optics:
Fiber Optics are one of those things I have learned people are scared of do to the over whelming hype about how unreliable
and fragile it is. On the contrary, fiber is very reliable and when installed properly not fragile at all. Fiber is now being
installed at the desktop due to bandwidth demands of technology for many situations but is mainly used for network
backbones and building to building connectivity. Fiber can be run for miles and miles unlike copper.

Overhead Music and Paging:
Communication within the office in essential and needed for today's fast pace work environments. Overhead music and
paging is great for customer entertainment and employee productivity. Overhead speaker systems can be small or very
large with many zones and layers.

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